Winter 2016/2017

Combinatorial Optimization in Logistics and Production Planning
Advanced Course (Master Ergänzungsveranstaltung)

Optimization plays a crucial role in the planning of modern logistics operations and production processes. This course introduces basic combinatorial optimization problems such as scheduling, packing, matching, routing and network-design that are ubiquitous in production, logistics or transportation. We design and analyze efficient and approximate algorithms to solve such problems and discuss their computational complexity. The focus lies on rigorous proofs of optimality or worst-case performance guarantees.

link to the Stud.IP website of the class

Instructors: Prof. Nicole Megow (Email)
Dr. Marek Adamczyk (Email)
Dr. Syamantak Das (Email)

Time & room: Wed 8-10 in room MHZ 1100 (lecture)
Wed 10-12 in room MHZ 1100 (exercise)
Start: Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Exercise sessions start in the second week on October 26, 2016.

Course no: 03-ME-601.99a
Credit: 6 ETCS